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'Young Pastor Chuck Smith. ..':si no seria espiritismo:they had to send in the Calvary. ..'

'Se ME ET AL en lo SSP/Sciencias de aplicaciones'…¡¡

'Reading wwme is not Ministerios Ebenezer neither is the book\announced by MY ET AL SSP in Roxannita/God/MA\estamos al border del ww3 y solo hemos pasado la primera luna de sangre'\what are you preaching se mete ha Karinsita en los 5 ministerios en God/3:1\7 espiritus reales y verdaderos en todo lo que proviene y desciende de lo virtual ¥ it is going to be electrical'…
…news is live only¡¡…’09+》¡¡♥♥…

In conjunction while maintaining you are mine honey:he is jealous. ..

'Hayi viene el mm..':'HA¡¡'

'A guessing game¿¿.'
Not for Karinsita:do not try this unless you are the ones that are romanticly vested’


'Those funds would have way way more appropriated to Karinsita'… ¥ ₩€ 'r'eg@£ A'r0z'…k0>^ens3¡¡…€%¤》!